Let’s Chat – Vegan Beauty Boxes


Over a year ago, I called it quits and cancelled my short-lived subscription to popular beauty box company, Birchbox. After having been a vegan for some time, I’ve found myself discovering ways to live my life as a vegan aside from practicing a plant-based diet giving up all products containing animal ingredients and brands conducting testing on animals. Before giving up Birchbox, I found myself going through everything in my box to learn about the brands and to see if they were vegan and/or cruelty-free.

Unfortunately, I was throwing out more product than I was using and asked myself “Is this box really worth it?” Then the thought occurred to me – maybe there’s a way for me to request for vegan and/or cruelty free products. Soon enough, I was chatting online with one of their super helpful customer service representatives. She was so sweet and understood where I was coming from. She provided information about their “natural beauty” program, but informed me that Birchbox could not guarantee these products would be vegan or cruelty-free. I was disappointed to hear this news and decided it was time to part ways and search for something new that places value in being kind to the animals. (Not to mention there’s some confusion where in a 2014 post published by the Birchbox team, they mention taking some initiative in an attempt to go 100% cruelty free. There is no disclosure on whether or not they’ll consider vegan products, but this is still only the beginning. To see more from this post, click here.)


Through further research, I discovered Petit Vour. They are not the only company who provides monthly subscription boxes with vegan and cruelty free products, but the price and perks for being a member appealed to me the most. For $15/month ($23/month in Canada, $25/month Worldwide), you get four generous samples of all vegan, non-toxic and cruelty free product based on your profile. If you shop Petit Vour online, you receive 20% back in store credit to spend on apparel,beauty items, hair accessories, handbags, wallets, home goods, jewelry and sales. So yeah, this was a no-brainer. Now that I’ve been a subscriber for almost a year, I’ve found so many product’s I love and can’t get enough of.

If you’re interested in other vegan and cruelty free subscription boxes, here’s a few more to try:

  1. Vegan Cuts Makeup Box – First of all – Vegan Cuts is the king of vegan subscription boxes from yummy snacks, all things beauty and seller of fashion and lifestyle items. The Makeup box can be purchased with six different plans whether you’d like to receive it annually or quarterly and depending on whether you live in the U.S., Canada or Internationally. Each box arrives four times a year according to season containing 4-7 full sized vegan and cruelty free product based on your personalized beauty profile.
  2. Vegan Cuts Beauty Box – Like the Vegan Cuts Makeup Box, you get product containing 4-7 vegan and cruelty free product with different plans – Monthly, a one time payment for 6 months, or a one time payment for 12 months (prices vary depending on US, Canadian and International shipping).
  3. Love Goodly – Every other month for $29.95, you’ll receive a box full of ethical beauty, lifestyle and wellness products where 5% of each purchase supports a cause. If you’ve discovered something you love, check out their extensive boutique that includes labels for each item that makes it super easy to select from vegan, cruelty free, charity, sustainable, organic and non-toxic products.

Don’t see your favorite beauty box in this post? Share it in a comment, I’ll be more than happy to check it out.



True or False: Is Method ‘Really’ Testing on Daphnia?

Happy Spring y’all!

The sun is coming out, days are longer and we’re in for better weather. In the season of rebirth, one of my yearly rituals involves a deep, deep house clean. With animal welfare becoming a more prevalent social issue, many companies are taking it upon themselves to go cruelty free, even in the housekeeping department. You’ve got brands like Seventh Generation, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, J.R. Watkins, Method and many others. However, there was a rumor that went out about a particular brand – and one of my favorites – that I would like to discuss.

Last year, Method merged with European cleaning products company, Ecover UK. For those who do not know, Ecover has a history testing their products on little guys called Daphnia, a teeny tiny freshwater crustacean, as required by EU REACH laws. As you could imagine, it sparked some outrage among the vegan and cruelty free community as Method is a brand who has adhered to an anti-animal testing policy. It blew up all over social media and on many blogs. So why exactly did these two merge? And did Method do away with their cruelty-free mission as rumored? With these questions in mind, I took it upon myself to find out.

I hopped online, located their contacts page and wrote to their support team addressing my concern and why I felt so strongly about this matter. Not only did I love the quality clean and fresh scents, but I enjoyed knowing they were also environmentally and pet safe. Soon enough, I was contacted by a very nice representative named Bri. She was so kind to take the time to understand my interest and apologized for this confusion. She explained that,

“Method products have never been tested on animals, including daphnia, anywhere. We have a sister brand, Ecover, who we joined forces with to create a new global family: People Against Dirty. We believe brands that are part of a larger company are equally accountable for the ways everyone across that company does business, including their policies around important issues like animal testing.”

In addition to her email, she provided this link to a blog post that further examines this policy. The post makes it crystal clear that with the two companies coming together to accomplish their goals as Certified Benefit corporations in creating “clean products with a conscience”, they’ve made a commitment to never test on animals. Although Ecover was once required to test on daphnia, the two brands are working together to trigger change in the European market and have agreed to never sell their products in China, where animal testing is required.

With that being said, this rumor is, in fact, false.

Till next time!